Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our organization. At the core of our mission is an educational experience rooted in collaboration, innovation and designed to unleash the imagination under thoughtfully guided mentorship. Through our Team-and-Mentor approach, our educational experience does not stop at mastery of the craft—but begins there.

  1. We provide the highest quality education available in film, media and visual/performing arts. We believe that a successful life in the arts is a combination of training, talent and new ideas. We crave passion and creativity. We celebrate entrepreneurial spirit, story-telling bravery and the unrelenting desire to succeed. We define success as integrity, commitment, joy, teamwork and personal development. We have the highest standards for our faculty, our staff, and our students to fulfill this paradigm.
  2. We foster extraordinary student/faculty experiences. We strive to exceed expectations of the educational arena. We know that by championing everyone in our organization that we can change the world and create a legacy that improves the lives of those who invest in our vision of outstanding, next-generation artists. We celebrate the symbiotic relationship between quality content and a dedicated audience. We encourage interactive dialogues and opportunities between the current leaders in the entertainment industry and the students for which we provide training.
  3. We believe in the possibility of life balance. We live who we are. We love what we do. Our success is measured by the success of our students, our staff, our faculty and ourselves. In our world, art is life and life is art. We honor the journey and do what it takes to balance the practical world with our educational vision. We want our training programs to be the place where life long relationships are kindled and built to last.
  4. We support unleashed creativity & human development. Our shared fate is only as good as the people on our team and in our school. We believe that everyone must be open to learning at all times. We strive to create a safe environment where motivation, resource management and mentorship can empower unlimited outcomes. We believe in structured feedback, open door accessibility, voice equality, public appreciation, generous spirit and transparent company objectives. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Period.
  5. We empower legacy & outreach. We create partnerships, events and projects that improve the world around us. We encourage students, faculty, staff and our supporters to get involved with communities that can benefit from interaction with our organization. We choose to make a difference in the world with our creative gifts. Additionally, we respect our environment and reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste wherever and whenever we can.
  6. We never settle. Our daily mantra involves making everyone, everything and every place we encounter better than the day before. We are committed to recalibration, reevaluation and revelry. We do not allow “problems,” only “challenges.” As the world changes, so will we to allow for new excitements. We are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts. Our success is and will always be non-negotiable.