Why Us

Hussian College Mission

An unrelenting commitment to excellence that reinforces academic success, personal significance, and prepares students for service in their communities.



  • Be a preferred source of graduates for leading employers
  • Have an active alumni network
  • Be a valued contributor to and supporter of our communities
  • Consistently delight our students
  • Be a source of excellence in academic programming and student services
  • Be an employer of choice
  • Inspire students to be unrelenting in the pursuit of their goals

Core Values

The Core Values of the College are: Selflessness, Dedication, Responsibility, Excellence, Innovation, and Integrity.

Founded in 1946, Hussian College has developed a reputation for its exceptional Commercial Arts programs while continuing to grow and achieve professional recognition. John Hussian was a respected and knowledgeable member of Philadelphia’s art community and a lecturer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. At the end of World War II, returning veterans and many civilians were searching for colleges to help them build new careers. Because of his reputation and unique knowledge of both Commercial and Fine Arts, the principles of the art museum convinced John Hussian to found The Hussian School of Art in 1946. Both disciplines remained an integral part of the curriculum until the early 1960s when, because of its excellent reputation and administrative integrity, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Veterans Administration suggested The College focus solely on Commercial Art.

In October 2014, The College opened a Los Angeles, California branch campus, Studio School (formerly known as Relativity School) with programs in art, acting, film, commercial dance, musical theatre, and entrepreneurship.

Studio School

Studio School is shaping the entertainment professionals of tomorrow by fostering an educational experience rooted in collaboration and innovation. Our programs inspire excellence in a project-oriented learning environment designed to unleash the imagination and bring creative ideas to fruition under the mentorship of industry professionals. At the crossroads of art and commerce, train our students to think like entrepreneurs. We challenge them to embrace the ever-changing technological landscape that shapes the future of entertainment. We ask them to think critically, solve problems, and deliver their ideas to the world with integrity using available social and digital platforms. We rejoice in freedom of thought while nurturing the confidence required in expressing it.

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