We are committed to finding the next-generation of entrepreneurs, content creators, collaborators and industry talent from around the world. To accomplish our goal, Studio School provides the following scholarships.

Below is a brief summary of Studio School's Scholarships. For more in-depth information—including award amounts, selection criteria, qualifications and policies—please read our Application Guide.


Applicants who have demonstrated extraordinary ability and accomplishment and/or earned recognition in their field of interest are considered for this award. The Scholarship Committee will reference the applicant’s submitted materials including reference letters, resume, personal statement and creative portfolio with particular attention extraordinary talent and/or accomplishment related to their proposed field of study.


Open to eligible students who demonstrate superior levels of academic achievement, commitment to service and leadership qualities in high school or past colleges and universities


All students accepted into the Commercial Dance program are eligible to apply for this $25,000 scholarship. The award recipient is selected by Joe Tremaine from 5 finalists presented by the Studio School Review Committee. The Tremaine Commercial Dance Scholarship application is required in addition to a completed Studio School Application. The scholarship is awarded once per calendar year to a Freshman dancer/choreographer who demonstrates powerfully connected stories through dance on the following three relationships: (1) Self to inner self, (2) Self to community, and (3) Self to world (global issues/ themes). The award is applied to tuition and distributed equally in semester 3 thru 8. Read more information and apply here: JOE TREMAINE COMMERCIAL DANCE SCHOLARSHIP


Applicants who have demonstrated powerful innovation, ideation or invention in their community or school are eligible for this annual grant. A Scholarship committee will reference the applicant’s submitted materials including reference letters, resume, personal statement and video introduction with particular attention to community and/or pre-professional involvement. There is no application for this grant and evaluations are conducted at the time of application review. Strong consideration is given to students with a track record of festival and competition participation.


An annual award of $3000 granted to applicants with an EFC score of below $2000.