The Studio School Curriculum


We asked industry leaders, cultural thought leaders and award-winning artists what classes they wish had been offered in school and that became the core of our program. There are no textbook answers in an era driven by the power of transformative ideas. Studio School tosses out rigid top-down academic structures and reinvents school from the bottom-up with cross-disciplinary collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship as its core DNA. We take education out of academia and embed it in dynamic, future-focused industries, passing the torch directly to the next generation of thinkers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and storytellers.

Oscar-winning studio leadership, industry experts and distinguished educators from across the country have been instrumental in developing the master curriculum. Providing real-world knowledge and industry insights, the Curriculum Collective is the motivating force for Studio School’s course offerings designed to transform the students into creative thought-leaders, business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Curriculum development for Studio School is based on college-level learning objectives, core proficiency skills, project-based learning and professional industry standards within each discipline. The curriculum is career focused, so that students gain practical experience from the start, under the guidance of industry professionals and master teachers. The depth of course offerings combined with the breadth of practical experience is structured to prepare students for life after graduation.

Mastering a professional vocabulary, understanding traditional and emerging concepts, and demonstrating mastery in your concentrated area of study is expected. On a technical level, students will be prepared to execute ideas using a variety of skills and modalities, as well as emerging technology so that graduates are recognized by employers as knowledgeable, skilled and thoroughly prepared to succeed in today’s demanding workplace.

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