Studio School is holding auditions for a limited number of spaces in the following programs:

  • BFA ACTING [Film + Television]

Live Audition Tour 2018

Audition Tour

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Live Audition Tour!


Sat, 2/24/18

Discover the BFA for working talent.

We’re here to help you build a life in the industry by building both creative and business skills—while connecting with people as passionate and driven as you are. Here’s what makes Studio School unique:

  • Our Campus is a working studio—as the first and only school created with a major studio, our students learn in the middle of a major film and television studio lot.
  • Creative focus from day one—while other schools require GEs to be completed before more focused studies, Studio School’s blended approach starts with focused creative studies—blending in GE’s along the way.
  • Active Professional Faculty—our instructors are also currently active in their fields—from working actors to respected visionaries in film, dance and more— they’re immersed in the industry and teach everything it takes to be a working professional.
  • Take advantage of professional opportunities—that can begin while you’re still in school—while no-one can guarantee a specific opportunity, we assist students in identifying and connecting with available internships, gigs and more. We even offer the flexibility of professional excused absences to help you make the most of the best opportunities to help you achieve your career goals.

Regardless of program, Studio School is built for and by working professionals. So when you’re here you’re surrounded by people working in the industry, and in the middle of a working studio—with a program designed to let you take immediate advantage of every opportunity. We’re here to hone your creative skills, while immersing you in the business side of building a career.