FilmForAll | Femme Frontera Festival

Friday, March 31 | 4pm-8pm | Los Angeles Center Studios

The Femme Frontera Festival is a showcase of six short films, all directed by female filmmakers who have a desire to provide a personal and unique perspective about the U.S.-Mexico border communities.

The FilmForAll Film Festival Committee was created to plan, organize and host film festivals for students of Studio School, as well as outsiders. The committee has, as it’s core mission, the goal to inspire minds, motivate change and connect humans. We are here to shine a light on diverse, international and up and coming content creators, breaking the status quo on who has and deserves a voice.

We propose a different event every semester, giving all students a chance to be a part of the club. As the events grow, we will always strive to make it more diverse, well-run and intricately shaped to fit its public.

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