Campus Life FAQs

Should I have a car?

That answer can only come from you. You don’t need your own car and it’s an expense to consider including insurance, gas, parking, parking tickets and more parking tickets. Mention Los Angeles and you will get moans about traffic and the 405. Having your own transportation is always nice but we have great mass transit as well. We are big fans of ZipCar which includes gas and insurance when you rent a car and you can book it by the hour, online. View their website for more details.

What exercise facilities are available?

Most of the apartment complexes have state-of-the-art gym facilities or exercise rooms. Los Angeles has numerous health clubs and membership options for students.

Why is parking so complicated in Los Angeles?

Where you can park, how much it will cost you, and how long you can park depends on where you are, what day it is, and what time you want to park the car. Parking restrictions vary by street, so make sure you look out for the signs which tell you what the rules for the day are. Some streets can only be parked on for 2 hours at a time, some don’t allow parking on Wednesdays (or Thursdays, or only on public holidays), and some require permits. Temporary signs also warn you of street cleaning and other restrictions, and ignoring them could result in your car being towed. Check the sign on your side of the road and you’ll notice that the regulations may be different across the street!

Do you have guaranteed housing?

We do not guarantee housing but our HOUSING RESOURCE GUIDE and Director of Housing Services are available to assist you in your search. We have many exclusive options with premier resort-style apartment communities within walking distance to the campus which are available through Oakwood Worldwide, our housing provider.

What is WIFI service like at LA Center Studios?

Public WIFI service is available in all areas at LA Center Studios and students have exclusive access/login to Studio School WIFI in campus buildings and classrooms.

Do you provide career services?

Studio School will offer all graduates one-on-one counseling and career services prior to graduation as well as a powerful introduction to the entertainment industry through digital media and graduation showcases. Exclusive studio internships and other professional opportunities are available to students prior to graduation as well.

Can I get single rooms through your apartment share list?

Yes. Single rooms are available through our housing providers by request and obviously incur higher monthly costs for rent and utilities. Your living arrangements are a combination of your personal needs, style and budget.

Can I use campus facilities during holiday break?

Our campus will be closed during the holiday break so that our staff and faculty may enjoy the season. No student access is allowed during that time without special permission from the Director of Education.

Can I work late in the computer lab?

For security purposes, students may work late in the computer lab only when a member of the staff or faculty is present.