Admissions FAQs

What is

SLIDEROOM is an online platform that we use to collect, evaluate and store our applications. It is easy to use and allow applicants to upload digital portfolios, auditions, video introductions and more—including recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.—so that our Review Committee can access them from any location and any device.

It’s how you apply to Studio School. Click here to start your application.

What are the deadlines for submitting my application materials?

There are several deadlines for each period. We recommend submitting your completed application by the Early Decision Deadline.

Are interviews required?

Yes. All applicants must complete a scheduled interview with a member of the Admissions Team or Departmental Faculty in-person (preferred), by Skype or by phone as part of their application. The interview is a shared opportunity to explore your understanding of our programs, academic culture and our understanding of your commitment to succeed while at Studio School and beyond.

May I apply to more than one program at Studio School?

You may only apply to one program in your application. We recommend choosing what you are most passionate about and apply directly to that program.

If I'm currently attending college, can I transfer? What about the college courses I've already taken?

Yes. We will review your completed coursework on a case-by-case basis and offer transfer credit whenever possible. All requests and evaluation for transfer credits are handled on a case-by-case basis with the most successful outcomes applying to General Education courses. Due to the comprehensive approach to craft essentials, entrepreneurship and creating digital content, it is rare to apply transfer credits to core curriculum in any program.

Do you require a minimum GPA to apply to Studio School?

Yes. Students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA in high school (or college, for Post-Bacc Applicants) or demonstrate extenuating circumstances that would merit an exception. Exceptions are granted at the request of the Director of Admissions and approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Are SATs/ACTs required?

SAT or ACT tests are recommended but not required. Studio School considers applicants from a holistic standpoint based on the combination of qualities presented by the applicant. There is no set formula of weighting criteria.

How can I meet with an Admission Counselor?

You can call us at 800.762.1993 or request information here Every student requesting information about how to apply to Studio School is assigned a personal Admissions Counselor. They are your advocate and stay with you through the entire process to help you with your application—before you submit it—and to maximize your chance of success. They will also answer any questions you have regarding housing, financial aid, curriculum,  a campus tour and more. Reach out to them for expert advice on portfolio or audition strategies prior to submitting your application—they love that part the most.

When should I begin my admission application?

If you have successfully completed high school, you can begin your application immediately. If you are still in high school, you should begin reviewing our application requirements and materials by the end of your Junior Year. Plan on beginning your application process as you move into Senior Year.

Who makes the admission decisions?

The Review Committee is comprised of one or more of the following: the President, the Site Director, the Director of Education, the Department Chair, the Director of Admissions and lead faculty.

Do weighted grades or class rank matter in the evaluation of applications?

Weighted grades, class rank and overall GPA provide valuable insight and context for your academic performance. We also know that these can vary greatly in meaning from one high school to the next. We give equal consideration to applicants from schools that don’t weight grades or rank.

Does it help to have extra letters of recommendation?

Additional letters are welcomed but are most valuable to us if the person writing the additional recommendation knows the candidate well and can provide additional detailed information.

Does Studio School consider applicants who have been homeschooled?

Yes. Proof of High School Graduation is required for admission and can either be through a nationally recognized home school certification or by successfully completing your GED. If you have been homeschooled, you may be asked to submit official ACT or SAT scores to apply to any of our programs.

Can I apply and start a program at 17?

While a student must be 18 or older to enroll for Studio School, in some cases students have chosen to graduate early and apply for admission seeking to enroll prior to their 18th birthday. With parental permission, and on a case-by-case basis, Studio School will consider admitting younger applicants if they have completed their high school graduation requirement. This step will only be taken after careful consideration in cooperation with the family of the student.

How can I check if my transcripts and other application materials have been received?

Call or email us. You admissions counselor will be happy to update you on the status of your application and which materials have been received.

What happens after I've been accepted?

You’ll receive your Acceptance Letter with your Financial Aid Package in the mail. You will then receive a Confirmation of Attendance via email followed by an Enrollment Agreement. When these required forms are completed, you’ll receive an invoice for a $1,000 tuition deposit.

What's the best piece of advice you can give an applicant to Studio School?

Follow your heart, pay attention to details and give yourself goals and deadlines to complete different parts of the application. If you get stuck, or just need a little help, reach out to our team. We are here to guide you every step of the way.