Mark Teich

Mark Teich photo

Mark Teich has been tri-coastal much of his career, working primarily out of Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. For well over 20 years, he has been writing and performing for organizations such as The Second City Chicago, The Second City Los Angeles, Comedy Central, UCB, Netflix, Carnegie Hall, Warner Bros., Disney, ABC, HBO, and Showtime. 

Teich is an actor, writer, teacher, and director. His recent works include a collaboration with Madwell's creative team on a docu-lifestyle shoot for Specialty Food through the production company, Acres New York. He directed the Charleston International Film Festival Audience Award winner, KENTUCKY 31. Teich's relationship with networks such as FX, Turner, and Comedy Central have been long and fruitful, culminating in two "Comedy Central Presents" specials, five studio albums, multiple world tours, and over 60,000,000 overall views on YouTube — some of which include on-stage performances with his songwriting and performing partner, Stephen Lynch.  

You will often and inevitably see and hear Mark Teich's on-camera and voice-over work in over 80 national commercials, most memorably Bacardi’s "The FLY Life," Subway's NASCAR campaign, and Hallmark’s "MC Hammer Dad,” which had been awarded as "Worlds Funniest Commercial."  Teich has also been a spokesperson for Dell, Keurig, Denny’s, Mini Cooper, Bridgestone, Alltel, Cox Cable, H&R Block, Snapple, FedEx/Kinkos, Orbit Gum, Subway, Nintendo Wii and Finish Line. 

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