Christina Shipp

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Christina Shipp is a spirited actress and incisive entrepreneur with a powerful imagination and perspicacious insight. As an actress: Fascinated with secrets, pushing boundaries, intrigue, and all that is forbidden or hidden. Obsessed by uncovering motivation behind why people do what they do, and seeks to get to the heart of things. Possesses the unique ability to see beyond facades, cut right to the core, and comprehend what is puzzling or hidden.

CEO of Accelerated Artist, Christina is strategic and refreshingly direct and has been working as a one-on-one career coach empowering artists and executives in their presence, packaging, concept, and design for over 10 years. Passionate in speech, she creates and presents workshops at prestigious studios and training programs like SAG-AFTRA, Spotlight Workshops at CBS Radford, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Columbia College, Relativity Media, Syracuse University, and the much-needed Minority + Women’s Leadership Conference. Innovates and facilitates workshops in the subjects of Productivity + Time Management, Intentional Branding + Marketing, and Effective Networking Strategies. With a team on the ground in LA, NYC, Philly, and Atlanta, Accelerated Artist is committed to helping actors, writers, directors, producers, etc. achieve branding, marketing, and business skills to effectively compete, effectively, in the business of entertainment in the Digital Age.

Christina graduated cum laude from the College of Charleston, South Carolina, with a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts for Acting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Sociology—dual thesis: The artistry of feminism and deconstruction in race relations. Holds an Acting Degree from the Youth Performing Arts School in her beloved hometown Louisville, KY.

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