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Brett Hershey is an AMSAT-certified Alexander Technique Instructor and Consultant in the Los Angeles area, specializing in psychophysical re-education: decreasing discomfort and pain, increasing performance quality and charisma He discovered the Alexander Technique when debilitating back pain, due in part to sports and dance injuries, but mainly bad postural habits, nearly halted his life in his 20s. In a quest for a cure, he began taking lessons and was amazed at the positive results.

Brett has now been studying the Alexander Technique for over twenty years, graduating from the three-year (1600 hour) teacher-training program at the Alexander Technique Institute of Los Angeles in 2008. He thoroughly enjoys combining the Alexander Technique with Tai Chi, Qi Gong, athletics, dance and other modalities to help students from all walks of life improve posture, reduce pain and increase performance by teaching them how to better use themselves.

Because of his own journey, Brett empathizes with students suffering from back and body pain. He also relates well to those pursuing athletic and artistic dreams, as a former All-American collegiate athlete and a professional artist (dancer, actor, screenwriter, film director). He has worked with notable actors, directors, producers, supermodels, stand-up comedians, dancers, musicians, yoga instructors, athletes, equestrian trainers, editors and super moms. His specialty is increasing confidence, power, stature and charisma.

Through AlexanderTechConsulting, Brett brings the Alexander Technique to companies and organizations. The first objective is to sharpen presentation, public speaking and on-camera skills to those that want to improve how they come across to other people. The second is to train staff in healthy psychophysical work habits, which tend to increase productivity and well being while decreasing absenteeism and claims in worker’s compensation.

In addition to his private practice in Burbank, Brett is currently an adjunct professor in the theater department at the Studio School. He teaches at UCLA on the wellness and mindfulness programs, where he instructs faculty and staff, conducts departmental workshops, lectures and training wellness personnel. He’s also the in-house Alexander Technique instructor for the John Rosenfeld Studios.

Instructor Certification, Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles
Screenwriting Certificate, Writers Boot Camp
Bachelor of Arts, Political Economy, Williams College

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