Barry Bogovich

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Barry Bogovich is a Los Angeles based film producer and director with a passion for telling character-driven stories with action appeal. In 2010, Barry made his directorial debut with Evening in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera, a feature-length film and multimedia stage show, which premiered in his hometown Pittsburgh. Two years later, Barry produced Haven's Point, a short thriller that won Judge’s Prize and Producer’s Award at the Women of Cinematic Arts Film Festival, and he recently wrapped visual effects on his latest directing project, Athena, a short action film that supports a feature length script under the same name.

Prior to his arrival in Hollywood, Barry worked as a post production supervisor and editor at Sunking Digital, a marketing agency in Pittsburgh, where he managed editors and animators for brands such as Coca-Cola, American Eagle and Heinz. In 2003, Barry began his career as an editor for the Great Lakes Film Festival, editing short films for their annual Run and Gun Project, where films were both shot and edited during the four-day film festivals. By 2004, he became the Post Production Supervisor for the films and a Technical Director for the project.

Bachelor of Art in Media Arts, Robert Morris University
Master of Fine Art in Film Production, University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts

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