Amanda Price

Amanda Price photo

Amanda Price is the executive assistant to Glenn Kalison and VP Boyle. As a seasoned member of the Studio School team, she is a great go-to source of information and assistance.

In addition to her work with Relativity, Amanda is a producer of both digital media and interactive experiences. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2011 she has worked in film research with IPSOS, social media with Collective Digital Studio, online media with VidCon, and education. With her eye on that transmedia space that connects entertainment, education and community, she helped develop and execute the 2012 alternate reality experience The Miracle Mile Paradox. She continues her exploration of transmedia through writing, connecting dots and conducting mad experiments.

Amanda hails from Joliet, IL, where she was raised in a nest of old video and audio equipment. In her youth she happened upon a magical place known commonly as “the garage” where she found all sorts of random, wonderful things that she used to find new and inventive ways to injure herself. It was in this place that she discovered her creativity through failed experiments and the juxtaposition of things that don’t go together. (Author's note: Do not use Dad's dumbbells as wheels for your homemade go-cart.)

BA, Film & Video, Columbia College Chicago

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