Campus Tours + Visits

Sometimes seeing is believing. A insider’s look at the brand new campus being built at LA CENTER STUDIOS is the best way to see what your daily Studio School experience will be inside a world buzzing with non-stop professional film and television production.

I knew if I had gone to… Juilliard and danced for four years, I would have spent every day wondering what would have happened if I had gone to Los Angeles instead. —GLEE's Jacob Artist

You’ll meet some powerhouse members of the team, check out our themed classrooms, a Hollywood star talking to our students in RS1, grab lunch at Flix Café and possibly observe a dance class in our camera-ready dance studio. Visitors can also schedule time with our
Director of Student Services, Financial Aid Department or Housing Coordinator with appropriate notice.

We offer demonstration classes or short workshops for larger groups, which can be customized according to specific programs, interests and length of visit.

The best part? The smile on your face when you experience the first-hand energy, passion and enthusiasm of our staff and faculty. It could easily be the deciding factor to choose Studio School as your new home.

To schedule a campus tour call our Admissions Team 1.800.762.1993 or fill out this form to schedule your personalized tour.

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